Caring for the environment is taking care of ourselves
Energy qualifications or certifications
We are working on innovation and updating what is necessary to obtain them. We are aware of the use of energy to support our planet.
Strategy against climate change
We have strategies in different areas that allow us to help the environment. We generate the conscious use of water, energy and waste among our suppliers, collaborators and tenants.
Waste management
Our shopping centers have specific procedures for handling waste. Taking into account that its good management generates a positive ecological impact for everyone.
Water management
Conscious and correct use of water is essential to conserve and maintain it for longer. That is why we have rainwater collectors, dry urinals, faucets with sensors to avoid waste, among others. In order to take care of this vital liquid. Having the following activities: -Alliance with the Alen group: PET collection and recycling.
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Installation of gravity tubes and urinals
Paseo Solidaridad
1. Solatubes were installed to take advantage of natural light and decrease electricity.
2. There are gravity urinals for saving water.
Air conditioning equipment
Cancun Gran Plaza
Air conditioning equipment type r410 is used that is environmentally friendly and helps the environment.
Garbage and cardboard separation
Cancun Gran Plaza
1. Garbage baskets were placed for separation (organic and inorganic).
2. Separation and disposal of cardboard is made for recycling.
Change of luminaire to LED
Plaza Monumental
The luminaire was changed to LED technology, inside and outside the square.
Switch to LED lamps and Cardboard Collection Program
Plaza Bella Mexiquense
1. Changed lamps inside and outside for energy savings.
2. Achieving garbage separation, the idea of ​​cardboard separation is born to recycle it. 3.5 tons of cardboard recovered in 2018-2019.
Electronic Recycling Collection Center
Plaza Bella Mexiquense
Collection of computers, CPUs, keyboards, mouse to donate to any association.
Change of luminaires and recycling program
Macroplaza Insurgentes
1. In 2018 and so far in 2019, halogen and LED fluorescent luminaires were replaced, inside and outside the square.
2. 6 to 8 tons of cardboard are recycled per month and trash compaction to reduce the tonnage of waste generated.
Change of gardening and adoption program of ridges
Macroplaza Insurgentes
1. The change was made from gardening to desert plants to reduce water consumption.
2. With the program of adoption of ridges, those in front of the square were adopted for their care and conservation.
Change of luminaires and solatubes project
Macroplaza Del Valle
1. The change of indoor and outdoor luminaires to LED technology was made. A total of 183 luminaires were changed.
2. Installation of solatubes, for the use of sunlight and natural light.
Change of lights to LED technology
Centro Comercial Lopez Mateos
Changes were made to luminaires to support the environment, since they consume 8.9 times less than a traditional bulb.
Appliance Collection
Cancun Gran Plaza
Colectivo Ambiental Isla Verde asked us to join their appliance recycling campaign in our shopping center. We provided ample space within the mall to collect the appliances. The event gathered 18,640 kg of diverse appliances.