The Planigrupo Distinction
At Planigrupo, we distinguish ourselves for our high quality standards. We want to be the leading company in the development, design, construction, marketing and administration of shopping centers—so we can give our investors an added value.
About Planigrupo
With 47 years of experience, in Planigrupo we have positioned ourselves as a leading Mexican company in the development, design, construction, marketing and administration of shopping centers nationwide. We are one of the few in the country that is able to see a real estate project from start to finish, starting with the design and ending with the administration of each shopping center.
Our Mission
To create value for investors and clients of our shopping centers through a solid team that yields profitable and successful projects.
Our Vision
To be leaders in the development and management of shopping centers, fully committed to the highest quality standards.
Our Values
Honesty, Loyalty, Trust, Respect, Ethics and Transparency.
What We Do Best:
We are experts in the development, design, construction, marketing and administration of shopping centers. We have teams of specialists in each area that ensure that we always maintain the highest quality standards in each subject.
Property Management
In the last 45 years, we have developed more than 70 shopping centers, however our growth has been exponential. In the last 5 years we have developed or acquired 23 shopping centers.
  • Presence in 18 states of Mexico
  • Shopping centers strategically located in the north, center and south of the country
  • Portfolio of approximately 814,000 square meters GLA of properties.
2 million
M2 of total GLA developed
Total projects developed
$17,706 million
million pesos invested in development of shopping centers
The design of our properties is one of the characteristics that distinguishes us, and separates us from the rest of the participants in the industry.
  • Cutting-edge design
  • We take into consideration the location of our shopping centers
  • We want them to be seen as a design standard within the community
Designed projects that were built
+ 200,000
M2 designed and executed in the last 36 months
+ 60,000
M2 designed for re-development projects
The construction is an essential part of our company, since we always seek to use materials of the highest quality in order to always be able to offer, to clients and investors alike, an incomparable final product.
  • To date we have built more than 30 shopping centers.
  • 2 shopping centers are currently under construction
1.5 Millions of
M2 Built
of projects delivered on time
direct jobs generated
Leasing is another area in which we focus. Depending on each development, and even before starting the design and construction of them, we look for the best tenants for the area.
  • Among our main tenants are anchor stores such as Walmart, Petco, Cinemex, HEB and Cinépolis.
  • We offer a wide variety of stores and services in each of our shopping centers.
current clients
AAA tenants
Property Management
Property Management
Through the administration of real estate, we are committed to the good management and maintenance of our shopping centers during their useful life.
  • We have a specialized team
  • We manage our own properties
M2 of GLA
Total commercial spaces
+129 million
visitors per year
Executive Team
Carla Rangel Giacosa
Construction Director
(81) 8335-1631
Jose Ignacio Moreno Ortiz
General Counsel
(55) 9177-0870
Fernando Villarreal Maycotte
Finance Director
(55) 9177-0870
Adrián Araujo González
Investor Relations
(55) 9177-0870
Helping Our Community
With the aim of being able to provide help to the different communities where our shopping centers are located, the Planigrupo Foundation was created. Through this initiative, Planigrupo seeks to meet different needs of the population where we have presence such as nutrition, education, health of individuals and their families, as well as providing support to people with a disability or terminal illness.
Our Growth Story
47 years have passed since our founder, Arch. Eduardo Bross Tatz, had the vision of making shopping centers the most visited places by Mexicans. Today we are proud to continue with his mission and vision.
Planigrupo was founded by Eduardo Bross Tatz
The first plaza for the Municipality of Zapopan is built.
The first square of Planigrupo Fiesta Arboledas is built.
The Camelinas Fiesta square is built.
Offices are opened in Mexico City.
Plaza Bella Pachuca is built.
Offices are opened in the City of Monterrey.
5 HEBs Plaza Real Saltillo are built.
5 more HEBs are built.
4 more HEBs are built.
Plaza Real Monterrey and Plaza Bella Anahuac are built.
Plaza Real Reynosa, Plaza Universidad and Super Plaza Las Haciendas are built.
Plaza Real San Luis, La Nogalera, Macroplaza Insurgentes and Plaza Bella Mexiquense are built.
Pabellon Reforma Querétaro, Mérida and Plaza Monumental are built.
Plaza Bella Valladolid, Rio Bravo, Plaza Bella Ramos Arizpe are built. They begin to administer Gran Plaza Cancun and Plaza Palmira.
Plaza Bella Oaxaca, Plaza Bella San Gaspar, Plaza Bella Huinalá, Plaza Bella Acuña, Plaza Bella La Palma, Macroplaza Los Heroes and Macroplaza Puerto Vallarta are built.
Plaza Bella Los Almendros, Macroplaza Stadium and Plaza Bella Frontera are built.
Placement of a certificate of development program (CKD). Paseo Santa Catarina is acquired and Mall Plaza Lincoln begins to be managed.
Paseo Puebla Suburbia Santa Catarina and Macroplaza Oaxaca are built. Two portfolios are acquired: one of 9 shopping centers and one of 4 shopping centers.
Macroplaza San Luis and Paseo Alcalde are built. The properties of Ensenada and Los Cabos and a portfolio of 9 shopping centers are acquired.
Paso Hipódromo and Paseo Solidaridad are built.
Urban Village Garza Sada is built,
The properties of Punto San Isidro and Punto Oriente are acquired.
PLANICK 12 -CKD assets divested and 100% of 11 properties acquired
Grupo Mexico, through Grupo Inmobiliario UPAS, S.A. de C.V., acquires 95.47% of the shares of Planigrupo.