Track Record
We have a great track record with institutional investors and pension funds backing Planigrupo.
For Our Investors
At Planigrupo we always strive to create value for our investors, doing so by maintaining a top-quality portfolio and an outstanding customer service. The aforementioned has resulted in us being a leading company in our industry throughout the entire country, as well as one of those preferred by investors in Mexico.
~780,000 M2GLA (own and administered)
93.9%Occupancy (own and administered)
+2,000Lease Agreements
75%AAA Tenants
+26.3 MillionsVisitors as of 3Q2023 (Owned and Administered)
70Total Projects Developed
Proven Track Record
With over 70 projects developed since 1975, Planigrupo has distinguished itself for a proven track record of successful ventures.
Top Quality Portfolio
We only invest in the best projects, which is why our portfolio is preferred by our investors for its top quality.
Best in Class Corporate Governance
Strong and experienced management team with more than 20 years of industry experience. Best-in-Class Corporate Governance with economic interests aligned with those of our Shareholders
Creating Value
Our high quality standards, outstanding portfolio and corporate governance make Planigrupo the perfect choice for investors.
Investment Information
Contact Investor Relations
Adrián Araujo
Investment Manager
Contacts for any subject related to articles 61, 69, 73, 84, 84 Bis and the Fourth and Fifth CUE Titles
Jose Ignacio Moreno Ortiz