We help improve the quality of life of the society that surrounds us
Human Rights
We are committed to each of our collaborators, clients and suppliers to respect and recognize their human rights. This with the support of our corporate values.
Reporting and Complaint Mechanisms
Reports and complaints are areas of opportunity where they give us a more subjective view. With these we can take action on the matter and solve problems. For all this there is an email so that all people can send us their messages and attend to them.
Privacy of Our Tenants
For all processes before our tenants we have a great legal team that is in charge of keeping everything in order and taking care of the privacy of each of them.
Building community
The communities around us are important to us. That is why we care about your well-being where we carry out different integration activities, health, social events and security for everyone; - The largest school in the world: That supports the education of children and young people, providing safe spaces with high-speed internet. - Banco de Tapitas: Helps pay for chemotherapy for children with cancer.
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Toy delivery
El Paseo Santa Catarina
The delivery of toys that were collected with the DIF alliance of Santa Catarina and Alianza Anticáncer was carried out.
Support for the ALLIANCE ANTICANCER Foundation
El Paseo Santa Catarina
In conjunction with the DIF of Santa Catarina, an activity was carried out to collect toys and PET caps. With the aim of helping the ALIANZA ANTICANCER FOUNDATION.
Obtaining an approximate of 382 articles between toys and caps.
Teletón Coahuila
CDMX Corporate Office, MTY Corporate Office
Contributed to quality medical care and rehabilitation for children from CRIT Coahuila.
Pink Hearts in Collaboration with Grupo AlEn
CDMX Corporate Office, MTY Corporate Office
In October 2021, a collaboration was carried out with Grupo AlEn and it was possible to support the United With You Association, made up of female breast cancer survivors and volunteers. Placing pink heart-shaped containers at strategic points in our shopping malls for the collection of caps.
More than 400 kilos were collected, which were transformed into a donation for the foundation.
Official Sponsors of Reciclatón 2021 Teletón Foundation
CDMX Corporate Office, MTY Corporate Office
In this 2021, Planigrupo Operations was the Official Sponsor of the Reciclatón Teletón Foundation de Coahuila y Monterrey. Making a cash donation and collecting recycling at strategic points in our Shopping Malls. This donation was to support all the children of CRIT COAHUILA.
At Pet we collect more than 600 kilos
Tapitas bank February 2022
CDMX Corporate Office, MTY Corporate Office
More than 40 Tons
More than 750 Chemotherapies
More than 1,500 Food Supplements
More than 500 patients treated
Tapitas Bank July 2021
CDMX Corporate Office, MTY Corporate Office,
The donation of caps every day is increasing. In our shopping malls you will find hearts for your collection.
As of July, the following achievements have been made:
1) 26.98 Tons of caps.
2) + than 1,029 food supplements.
3) + than 500 chemotherapies and treatments.
4) More than 400 people have benefited.
Forest Fire Collection Centers in Sierra de Arteaga
Plaza Bella Anáhuac, La Nogalera, Plaza Real Saltillo, Urban Village Garza Sada, El Paseo Santa Catarina, Mall Plaza Lincoln, Plaza Bella Huinala, Plaza Bella Ramos Arizpe
Collection centers were created in the commercial plazas of Nuevo León and Coahuila (Plaza Bella Anáhuac, La Nogalera, Plaza Real Saltillo, Urban Village Garza Sada, El Paseo Santa Catarina, Mall Plaza Lincoln, Plaza Bella Huinalá and Plaza Bella Ramos Arizpe). To support the recent forest fires in the Sierra de Arteaga Coahuila and Santiago Nuevo León.
Women's Day
CDMX Corporate Office, MTY Corporate Office
It is carried out with conferences where Female Leadership was denoted. Counting as guests Karla Ahumada (Winner of the Tec 2021 Woman Award) and Paola Espinoza (Athlete). With the aim of promoting the empowerment of women.
Conference links: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3756951031054369
Tapitas Bank Alliance
CDMX Corporate Office, MTY Corporate Office
Thanks to the 29 hearts that we have located in our Shopping Malls, we have collected more than 15 tons of caps and thus helped more than 130 patients with Childhood Cancer.
What is it equivalent to?
More than 287 chemotherapies.
More than 575 food supplements.
More than 130 patients.
The World's Largest School
Ciudadela UV, Cancun Gran Plaza, Macroplaza Estadio, Macroplaza San Luis, Plaza Universidad, La Nogalera, Macroplaza Oaxaca, Palmira Plaza Comercial
We join this initiative like many other companies to promote education and provide safe spaces in our shopping malls to students.
In 8 Commercial Squares (Ciudadela UV, Gran Plaza Cancún, Macroplaza San Luis, Plaza Universidad, La Nogalera, Macroplaza Oaxaca and Palmira) a space was adapted in the Food Court area for children and young students to have access to the internet through our WIFI and can continue with their studies.
Christmas nativity contest 2020
CDMX Corporate Office, MTY Corporate Office
A nationwide birth contest was held, made from recycled material. Where family integration is promoted since around 140 families participated, and with which we seek to preserve our traditions.
Christmas Trees Lighting 2020
CDMX Corporate Office, MTY Corporate Office
The Christmas tree lighting was carried out nationwide. Kicking off the Christmas holidays.
Laptops with a cause
CDMX Corporate Office, MTY Corporate Office
We joined the Laptops with a Cause initiative, to support receiving donated laptops, desktops and tablets to be delivered to high school and university students who require a computer to continue their studies.

Learn more: https://bit.ly/34DhOs3
Rosca de Reyes 2020
MTY Corporate Office
The traditional rosca de reyes was made, additionally there were activities with the magi. All this with an excellent family atmosphere.
Collection of caps for children with cancer
MTY Corporate Office,
We thank the people who have already collected caps for this incredible cause and we also thank “Banco de Tapitas” for their excellent commitment and work. 💯
Ignition of the pines in all the squares
MTY Corporate Office, Centro Comercial Lopez Mateos
The lighting of the Christmas Pine of the Commercial Squares is considered as the most important event of the year and start of the Christmas shopping, where it is sought to increase the influx and generate entertainment experiences for our final customer.
Grand Casting Academy
Macroplaza Estadio, Macroplaza Oaxaca
Together with TV AZTECA, the great casting of the academy in Macroplaza Estado and Macroplaza Oaxaca was held as official headquarters. Where family life was promoted.
Culinary Festival Live Tradition
Ciudadela UV
An event of a mixture of cultural activities such as music, dance, catrine contest, dance, folkloric ballet of catrinas painting workshop, organic market and handicrafts, typical meals etc.
Supporting Fer
El Paseo Santa Catarina
1) We join the cause of supporting FER to have a better quality of life because it urgently needs a kidney transplant. He currently has end-stage renal and chronic insufficiency. An activation of ticket sales for the Chicharrines function was carried out on Sunday, November 3, so that all proceeds would be donated to the cause.
2) On Sunday, November 3, the event to Benefit Supporting Fer was concluded, where more than 700 people attended the event and bought the tickets at a preferential cost with the support of Teatropolis.
Vintage caravan
Urban Village Garza Sada
There was the approach with the Automobile Museum in Monterrey to carry out the exhibition of more than 200 classic cars in the square.