We help improve the quality of life of the society that surrounds us
Human Rights
We are committed to each of our collaborators, clients and suppliers to respect and recognize their human rights. This with the support of our corporate values.
Reporting and Complaint Mechanisms
Reports and complaints are areas of opportunity where they give us a more subjective view. With these we can take action on the matter and solve problems. For all this there is an email so that all people can send us their messages and attend to them.
Privacy of Our Tenants
For all processes before our tenants we have a great legal team that is in charge of keeping everything in order and taking care of the privacy of each of them.
Building community
The communities around us are important to us. That is why we care about your well-being where we carry out different integration activities, health, social events and security for everyone.
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UNICEF support
Ciudadela UV
Altruistic spaces are provided to support UNICEFF's cause for children. March 6, 2018
United Race 2018 and 2019
Ciudadela UV
Ciudadela Urban Village was Headquarters of the 1st. United Race and will be again for the race in 2019.
Waste separation
Lago Real Centro Comercial
Cardboard separation is done, then collect it and help recycling.
World Autism Day and Hepatitis Information and Detection Program
Macroplaza Insurgentes
1. On April 2, 2019, there was the presence of the CAM garden Guaycura school, a school dedicated to attending children with autism. About 100 children attended with their family.
2. Program in conjunction with the Rotary club, free tests were carried out to detect hepatitis and information was provided.
Waste separation and recycling
Paseo Alcalde
The separation of organic waste, glass, cardboard and plastic is performed. To help the environment. During the year 2018 and what goes of 2019
UNHCR Recognition 2019
Paseo Hipodromo
Plaza Hipódromo is recognized by its support for the facilitation of its fundraising facilities through the face to face program UNHCR, September 2019.
To reduce the educational lag
Plaza Bella Mexiquense
The National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) offered basic education service to people over 15 years old, delivering 1085 certificates between primary and secondary.
Vintage caravan
Urban Village Garza Sada
There was the approach with the Automobile Museum in Monterrey to carry out the exhibition of more than 200 classic cars in the square.